Community Building for Sustainable Development (CBSD), a non-profit organization, works in the field of the education and health of the children of the rural areas of Nepal. It aims at empowering the children with the education to make them able to face the challenges of the era of 21st century through proper schooling. Our organization aims at improving the quality of life of the people of those remote areas of Nepal facilitating them in the health matters.  It is the well known fact that good education can be grasped only when the children are healthy, physically and mentally.

We have our involvement in such activities since 2009. During these six years of our inception, we have visited several villages of the country in the villages of eastern and western part. Our initiation to uplift the quality of life through education and health issues has proved that a small action towards  humanity always be welcomed in those places where the people are really deprived of the least matters necessary for life.

CBSD is not alone to furnish the mentioned tasks. The valuable donors from around the world have gone hand in hand with us. The generous people, most remarkably Dr. Jane Lockyer,  Dr. David Easton , Ms. Sean Easton ( Founders of Himalayan Initiatives who are the main donors from the beginning of CBSD ) of the UK and Mr. Steve and  Mrs. Ingrid  of the USA (supporting from 2015),  who offer notable support to raise the funds for the charitable causes are highly respected. The noble actions they have for the Nepalese people are remembered for lifelong period.

Besides, the CBSD involves itself into the works on relieving the people affected by the natural disaster. The organization has donated materials to the people who are hit deadly by the recent earthquake that took place on the 25th of April and 12th May 2015.

The CBSD is delivering its services to respect its objectives of establishment by all fair means without reserve. It is because of this reason we are able to mainstreaming the inhabitants of distant areas though in the small magnitude which is actually not sufficient. But we are confident enough that we move further consistently to contribute the needy people nationwide to help develop the quality of life of the rural sectors.